Isaac Monfore
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Shelby Township Historical Committee

Full name: Isaac Monfore
                                    Any other names used (e.g., maiden name, pen name): Isaac Monfort
                                    Date of birth: 1803
                                    Place of birth (city, county): New York
                                    Sex (M or F): M
                                    Race/ethnic group/Indian tribe: Caucasian
                                    Hometown or hometowns (city, county, state, etc. of residence during
                                    years of political activity): Shelby Township, Michigan (settlement
                                    later organized as Disco)
                                    Political relatives (by blood/marriage/adoption): Frank Monfort
                                    Elected or appointed position(s) held and range of years:  Michigan
                                    State House of Representatives, 1835-1837
                                    Special distinctions or achievements or historical significance (very
                                    briefly): Co-founder of Macomb County High School, 1850 (Chauncey 
                                    and John Noyes, co-founders); a pioneer settler of Disco c. 1831,
                                    organized 1849
                                    Date of death: April 28, 1871
                                    Place of death (city, county): Disco, Shelby Township, Macomb County,
                                    Location of death (e.g., at home, hospital): home	
                                    Cause(s) of death: 
                                    Place of burial or entombment (name and location of cemetery): Curtis
                                    Cemetery, Shelby Township, Macomb County, Michigan
                                    Whether cemetery records/office/publications, or gravestone corroborate
                                    this: Yes
                                    Sources consulted: U.S. Census, Leeson's Biography of Macomb County,
                                    Curtis Cemetery gravestones, 1859 and 1876 atlas of Macomb County,
                                    Bureau of Land Management land patent records
                                    Explanations for any inconsistencies (e.g., if different dates of birth
                                    or different spellings of the name were given in different sources,
                                    which one is most reliable and why):  all Land Patent records show 
                                    Monfore as the correct spelling.  Local atlas shows both Monfort and
                                    Monfore, varying by issue.  Elementary school named in his honor 
                                    Monfort.  Michigan Census 1840 spelled Monfore, as well as 1840 and 
                                    Federal census.
Spouse:  Mary Douglas Curtis, daughter of
                                    Jeremiah Curtiss and Mercy
                                    Ewell.  Married 15 Jul 1836.  Mary Monfore died 7 May 1906 at their
                                    family home in Disco, Shelby Township, Macomb County, MI.  House stood
                                    until 1987.
                                    Compiled by Vikki Papesh, Shelby Township Historical Committee

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