Getting Involved
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Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. On this page we present different options to encourage you to get involved in our history!

Shelby Township Historical Committee

Volunteer Your Time

We welcome voluteers with special talents, knowledge, skills or materials which would assist or enhance our current projects.


Make a Donation

We appreciate the donation or loan of historic photos, records, artifacts, oral history or any other item of historic interest. We will if you prefer, duplicate photos and return your original. Some items of value may be deductible on your Federal taxes and entitle you to a credit on your State income tax. Consult with your tax preparer for details.

Write a Letter

Write a letter to your local officials encouraging the preservation of local history! Shelby Township is rapidly growing and historic sites are falling by the wayside! Historic Preservation enhances the quality of life for everyone! Your goverment officials must hear from you so a balance between developement and historic preservation can be accomodated!